The SETA Summer Sale launches online on Thursday 13th of July at www.seta.com.pl. Attractive discounts up to -50% !
Each week just for 7 days you’ll have an opportunity to shop your favorite garment from different category.

Follow the schedule:

12.07 – 19.07 – TROUSERS
19.07 – 26.07 – BLOUSES
26.07 – 02.08 – DRESSES
02.08 – 09.08 – SKIRTS
09.08 – 16.08 – JACKETS
16.08 – 23.08 – COATS

Now you can get your dream model at a great price without leaving your home.


“Tradition meets Modernity” – under this motto on the 27th of April, Thracian treasures were displayed in the Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw, in a rather unconventional manner : they were used as accessories in the elegant SETA fashion show. Until now, the collection of the most well-preserved Thracian jewellery was only exhibited in that way in the Louvre, in Paris.
However, during the fashion show, the spectators could observe the astonishing gold jewellery from the 18th, 19th and 20th century, rich in vibrant colours as a result of the precious stones encompassed in the various necklaces, belts and head-pieces. The spring/ summer SETA collection, with its silk dresses, rompers and refined blazers, played a key role in the event, on one hand, as a background for the treasures, but on the other, as certain modernist approach to the ancient jewels.