According to the applicable law, the products offered to the consumer by the shop are subject to a 2-year statutory warranty passed since release of the product to the consumer.

The consumer may file a complaint by delivering the product in question with a proof of purchase and a description of the complaint (a template of the complaint) to the seller’s address for complaints:

Just and Gal Sp. z o.o.
ul.Bonifacego 92/15

02-940 Warszawa

The consumer may choose the preferred form of complaint. The possible methods are as follows: repair, replacement of the defective product with a new one, reduction of the price, return of the payment. The Seller shall have the right to offer to replace the defective product with a new product or to repair it.

In the event that replacing or repairing the defective Product or reducing its price is impossible or would require excessive cost, the Seller shall return the payment within 14 days of responding to the complaint to the bank account from which the payment was made, unless the consumer provides another bank account.
The right to statutory warranty shall not be applicable in cases where the customer is buying the product as an Entrepreneur.
For more detailed information about filing a complaint please read the Regulations of the Online Shop. In case of further questions please contact us:


The consumer may return the product purchased in the online shop by of rescinding the contract of sale within 14 days from the date the consumer or the third party other than the supplier and indicated by the consumer takes the possession of the product.

During the time limit for rescission of the contract of sale the consumer shall approach the product with due diligence. The consumer may assess the characteristics and functions of the product in the same manner in which it would be performed in a physical store – trying items of clothing on without removing labels – and shall be liable for the decrease in value of the product (for example stained items of clothing).

Step by step – how to return the product?

  1. Submit a statement on rescission within the time frame stated above (a template of the statement can be found in attachment 1 to the Regulations), by sending it to the following address:
    Just and Gal Sp. z o.o.
    ul.Bonifacego 92/15
    02-940 Warsaw
    or the email address:
  2. Return the product to the seller immediately, however no later than within 14 days from the date of rescission of the contract of sale.
  3. Do not forget to attach a proof of purchase.
  4. We will refund the payment within 14 days of receipt of the returned product or providing the proof of return of the product. The method of the return payment will be the same that you chose when making the payment. Cash on delivery is not accepted.
  5. The consumer shall incur costs of returning the product.
  6. As per the generally applicable law, the possibility of a return does not apply for products which were custom-made, designed according to the customer’s specific instructions or tailored to their individual needs.

More details on complaints and returns can be found in the Regulations of the Online Shop on the shop’s website. In case of questions please contact us at

You can download our compliant-template